Iggy Azalea’s backside stuns onstage at Univision Premios Juventud (SEXY VIDEO-HOT PHOTOS)

Sexy or slutty, all eyes are on her!…

Australian entertainer Iggy Azalea is not known for leaving much to the imagination when it comes to her physical assets. Ever since hopping onto the international music scene, the rapper has rarely been left out of the headlines regarding her costume and outfit choices. Her appearance at Univision’s Premios Juventud event this week did not depart.

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While attending, for the first time, Univision’s annual awards show festivities, she sported a main-event outfit that revealed parts where the sun don’t shine: a bare-bottom look.


Wearing the skintight red ensemble, Azalea stomped onstage with a similarly dressed group of dancers and performed her song “Switch.”

A glimpse at other Azalea appearances over the past few weeks reveals an ongoing theme in her choice of garb — plenty of skin, laces, and formfitting silhouettes. Even though she infamously quit social media a couple of years ago over body shaming, it appears she’s back in good spirits and embracing her image onstage and on social media.



Still, another outfit she wore at the Univision event shows she can work with a different style altogether.


Popping up on the red carpet, sporting a softer look, in short a burgundy wrap dress, Azalea presented a much different yet equally colorful image. Perhaps we’ll see more of this look from the 27-year-old as time goes by.