Illegal alien who murdered cops “I will break out soon & I will kill more” (VIDEO)

The request for a mental re-evaluation was denied by the judge

During opening remarks for the trial of Luis Bracamontes, an illegal alien accused of murdering two Sacramento police officers in 2014, the defendant laughed and shouted expletives, forcing the judge to order the jury out of the room.

“I killed fucking cops. They’re fucking dead. I don’t fucking regret that,” Bracamontes said, while laughing, according to CBS 13 Sacramento.

During a crime spree in 2014, that involved a carjacking and the shooting of others, Bracamontes is accused of murdering Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Davis, Jr.

The defense is claiming the illegal is responsible for the deaths, but was high on meth at the time and wasn’t aware of his actions. Their request for a mental re-evaluation was denied by the judge.

“There was no need to prove all this shit,” Bracamontes said. “I want to fucking plead to this.”

The cop killer continued his outburst in court and mocked the victims as cowards. He also said he wished he would have killed more.