Imia: Watch the Turkish Coast Guard provoking Greek fishermen & the Hellenic Coast Guard (videos)

The men of the Turkish Coast Guard bring out two 12,7mm machine guns 20 meters from the Greek fishing boats

The incident that took place near Imia, of the Dodecanese island complex, when a Turkish Coast Guard vessel who was blocking Greek fishing boats, collided with a speedboat of the Hellenic Coast Guard.

A video that was posted on the internet a few hours ago shows what happened before the collision of the two vessels.

 The ship of the Turkish Coast Guard began to harass the Greek fishermen.

In fact, the video clearly shows that men on the Turkish vessel employing two 12,7mm (.50 cal) on the bridge bringing out ammunition, just 20 meters from the Greek fishing boat.

“It’s a fifty, there are the bullets too”, say the fishermen, who were not intimidated and continued to record the Turkish provocations.

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When the Turkish boat passed very close to the Greek fishermen, they can be heard wondering: “What is he doing now? He wants to drown us?” and they can be seen greeting and laughing and keeping their composure.

The material also records the harassment of the RANFAR-type patrol boat of the Kos Port Authority, which is a donation of Greek shipowners. According to the Coast Guard, the boat suffered minor material damage.