Storming of the Capitol: One in five Americans supports it

Republicans say that Trump has done nothing to be blamed for

The invasion to the Capitol may have caused a worldwide outcry, but there is a not insignificant percentage of citizens in American society who do not appear to opposed to the riot that took place.

Yesterday’s incident in the Capitol were perceived in a completely different way by the two traditional parties in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans, as political analysts comment based on the results of a YouGov poll, as 45% of Republicans support what happened.

Nationwide, one in five American voters says “yes” to the invasion to the Capitol. From the Republican camp, only 27% said that the invasion was a threat to democracy.

At the same time, 52% of American voters – Democrats and Republicans – believe those involved were “extremists” and only 49% consider it a threat to democracy.

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A total of 65% of Democratic voters believe the violent protests were undemocratic, with only 12% of Republicans embracing the same opinion.

In addition, 93% of Democrats believe that the invasion to the Capitol is a threat to Democracy. On the contrary, for Republicans, the protesters who stormed the building yesterday are patriots, not extremists, domestic terrorists, criminals or anti-democracy activists.

The same difference in opinion can be found with regard to the responsibility attributed to the outgoing US President Donald Trump, as 69% of Republicans, say that Trump has done nothing to be blamed for.

On the contrary, Democrats believe the opposite at a percentage that reaches 96%.