iPhone’s latest model sells out in Greece in just 3 days!

The economic crisis does seem to have affected some at all

Judging from the fact that Apple’s latest iterations of its best selling smart-phone, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, sold out in Greece in just 3 days, one would be led to believe that the economic crisis has done little to adversely affect the buying power of some in the debt-ridden country.
According to newspaper Kathimerini, over 10,000 devices have been ordered in just three days, with just over 4,500 on Friday, out of which 60% were iPhone Xs Max.
In terms of revenue, this means that Greek consumers spent € 6 million on Friday to be among the early birds on the list for the latest model.

Greeks are estimated to have spent a total of €15 million to pick up either an iPhone Xs or iPhones Xs Max at some point. It should be noted that the price tags of the latest models start at € 1,300 and reach €1,600 depending on the memory size. As market pundits told Kathimerini, demand was up 30% from the previous model, the iPhone X that was introduced in 2017.