Jordan Peterson says Islam is incompatible with Western values

The public thinker visited Hungary

Canadian clinical psychologist and public thinker Jordan Peterson has cast doubt on Islam’s compatibility with a democratic society.

Peterson rose to fame in 2016 as a critic of identity politics, particularly a Canadian bill that would require citizens to address trans-people with pronouns that reflected the gender they identified with. Over the years, he’s emerged as a popular public speaker covering a variety of topics, from climate change to religion.

He said he’d failed to observe a “positive example of a successful, independent Muslim democracy”, also invoking Muslim countries’ generally weak record on freedom and corruption in international rankings.

“So there is a fundamental problem that is unfortunately not allowed to be discussed,” Jordan Peterson was quoted as saying.

Peterson arrived in Hungary last week as a guest of the intellectual forum Brain Bar. He has met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a self-proclaimed guardian of “Christian values” who last year referred to refugees coming from across the Mediterranean as “Muslim invaders”.

The 56-year-old public thinker has been asked many times whether he believes in God, but failed to provide a definitive answer. However, he has described himself as a “religious man” who tries to live life as if there was a God.

The University of Toronto professor confirmed in one of many Q&As last year that he does “not understand” Islam and doesn’t know enough about it to grasp the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, for example.

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