Kevlar-covered bulletproof school backpacks are on sale in US

Sales of Bulletproof backpacks have seen a 30 percent boost in sales


A bulletproof Kevlar-covered backpack from an Israeli company called ArmorMe will soon be hitting American shelves to protect students from school shootings or surprise terrorist attacks.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the backpacks will be available in stores this February. In a news release announcing the product, security specialist and Israeli Defense Forces Colonel Dr. Gabi Siboni said the bag comes with two panels of Kevlar for every student.

“We never know when violent attacks may occur,” said Siboni. “We designed this bag for every student and have given them one or two panels of Kevlar to provide safety.

“We built this backpack to address the daily reality of student life,” he continued. “We wanted a pack that had style, was light, could carry a laptop, would last multiple academic years, and could breathe to ensure kids were comfortable. At the same time, we built this backpack to withstand a handgun attack.”

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