Man arrested in Athens after he followed a woman home with his member exposed (video-photos)

The woman filed a complaint to the Police

Police have arrested a suspect who allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman in Nea Smyrni, as he followed her with his penis exposed to her house.

The accused followed the woman for 300 metres after they both got off from the tram to her house. The victim made her ordeal public on a Facebook post and detailed it to saying “I am on my way to the Police Department. They told me that they had caught him and that I should go and identify him …”

“I had never seen him before, but I learned that he is from Nea Smyrni. He did not speak to me at all. He did not address me. I was followed 300 metres from the Aegion tram stop to my house which is close to Ephesus. I rushed in but he seemed persistent. He went to push the door to see if it opened and when he saw that he could not he left …. And now I am going to the Police because they told me we have caught him. Come and identify him. They are sure that it is him “, the girl told

According to information, a neighbor of the girl recognised the perpetrator from a hangout he frequented and then pointed him to the police, who in turn arrested him. According to the same information, the suspect is a Greek national.