Mark Zuckerberg…The Joker or Data from Star Trek? (photos)

He put too much sun screen on

Mark Zuckerberg is in the news again, but for a change it’s not because he jumped up on the list of richest people, or because his company, Facebook, has been accused of leaking data and privacy concerns, again.

This time, he went surfing. Newly-surfaced photos showed Mark Zuckerberg zipping around on an electric surfboard in Hawaii, in the literal middle of the new global coronavirus pandemic, which in the USA alone, has over 3.83 million cases.


To prevent the sunburn and tan, he also lathered on sunscreen. Maybe a bit too much, like the entire tub. His face looked brighter than Batman’s villain, the Joker.

The eerie likeliness between Zuckerberg and the Joker was not missed on Twitter.

But it wasn’t The Batman villain Joker that people found a resemblance to. There were more.

Like Data from Star Trek.