Meet the oldest barber in the world at 107! (video)

He still works an 8-hour shift

If you happen to need a haircut in New York and come across an elderly gentleman with white hair, don’t hesitate one minute. Anthony Mancinelli, 107, has a steady hand and love his work. Mr. Mancinelli is still working full time, cutting hair five days a week from noon to 8 p.m. He has been working in barbershops since he was 11. The salon he works in, more like a traditional barber’s shop with some hints of modernity, is called Fantastic Cuts and is located in a nondescript strip mall, about an hour’s drive north of New York City.
In 2007, when he was 96 years “young”, the Guinness World Record recognised him as the oldest working barber. It is an accolade he still holds, as it is highly unlikely a more “senior” barber has appeared on the scene since then. The salon’s speakers were playing hip-hop on a recent afternoon. “He’s used to the windup record players,” Mr. O’Rourke, a customer teased, talking to the New York Times.
Mr. Mancinelli has a trim build, a steady hand and a full head of hair, albeit snow white. He spends much of his day on his feet, in a pair of worn, cracked leather black shoes.
“People come in and they flip out when they find out how old he is,” said the shop’s owner, Jane Dinezza.
“He never calls in sick,” she said. “I have young people with knee and back problems, but he just keeps going. He can do more haircuts than a 20-year-old kid. They’re sitting there looking at their phones, texting or whatever, and he’s working.”
Asked — for the umpteenth time — about his longevity, Mr. Mancinelli offered only that he has always put in a satisfying day’s work and he has never smoked or drank heavily.
Diet-wise, he said, “I eat thin spaghetti, so I don’t get fat.”
He has all his teeth and is on no daily medication. He has never needed glasses, and his hairstyling hands are still steady.

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