Mitsotakis: 150 Euros prepaid card to vaccinated young people aged 18-25

The “freedom pass” is for those born from 1996 to 2003 – It will be issued through & will be available before the first 10 days of July

The announcements began at the Maximos Palace with the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Akis Skertsos,

Mr. Skertsos started his position by referring to the vaccination process in Greece, talking about the universality of access to vaccination, noting that Greece vaccinates 100,000 citizens every day. He said about 48% of the population will have been fully vaccinated by the end of July. He also noted that the vaccination strategy is being adjusted to achieve the immune wall.

Immediately after, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, spoke, saying that Greece seems to be winning the battle, but always staying on alert. Vaccinations are spreading, economic and social life are returning to normal, he said.

The Prime Minister started the announcements by saying that the granting of a voucher of 150 euros to vaccinated people aged 18-25, which will cover trips, or visits to museums and cultural events.

The prepaid card of 150 euros will be stored in the digital wallet of the smartphone, but will have a physical form for someone who wants it.

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The process will be completed through and one day after the application the card and the amount will be saved in the digital wallet.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister took the floor again, saying that all citizens can be vaccinated and called on the younger ones to take advantage of the Freedom Pass, noting that “even at the level of 150 Euros, the state stands by them”.

“We know that you suffered, thank you for your patience, in relation to other social groups you mainly did not have any financial benefit”, said the Prime Minister.

“A small thank you from the Greek State with the sole obligation to do what you would do anyway, that is, to go and be vaccinated, in order to protect yourself and others”, he concluded.