Mystery execution: Police still try to identify the Belgian murdered in Voula, Athens

The case is complicated as the victim was found to have two different IDs

The identity of the Belgian businessman who was executed in a way reminiscent of a mafia execution on Friday night outside the apartment building in Voula, Athens is still a mystery.

According to the information gathered by the police officers of the Homicide Department who have taken over the case, the Belgian lived in an apartment he had rented through AirBnb, while in Greece he had come by car with Belgian license plates.

In his possession, the police found two different IDs, which complicates the case as no one knows whether either of them is true or not.

Police hope they will get more evidence from the victim’s fingerprints.

According to the same information, as soon as the gunmen saw the 70-year-old parking his vehicle in the parking of the apartment building and getting out of the car, they approached him and shot him twice in the head.