ND leads SYRIZA by 10 points in latest poll

Majority of respondents are dissatisfied with the government’s performance so far

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) leads ruling SYRIZA by 10 points on the latest poll conducted pollsters Pulse RC for Skai TV.
The main opposition leads in the voter intention with 31%, compared to 21% of SYRIZA. When deducing the numbers from the valid ballots, the gap between the two parties increases as ND gets 33% and SYRIZA 22%. In the previous month, the difference in voting intentions was 9.5% in favour of ND.

According to the findings, five parties pass the threshold of entry to the House: ND and SYRIZA followed by Golden Dawn with 7.5%, the Movement of Change (KINAL) with 7% and the Communist Party (KKE) with 6%.

On the question of who the voters believed was most suitable as Prime Minister, ND president Kyriakos Mitsotakis had 35% approval (against 34% of the previous poll) compared to Mr Tsipras who received 22% (24% last month).

The poll revealed that even the voters of SYRIZA were largely disappointed with the performance of the coalition government of SYRIZA ANEL as many deemed the government’s performance as “rather negative” or “negative”.
88% of ND voters judged the government’s progress negatively. Overall, 63% of the respondents have a negative view of the government.

The respondents are split on their assessment of whether the Prespa Agreement will eventually be completed, as 43% say it will be completed and 44% will not be completed.