ND leads SYRIZA by 12.3% in latest poll

Greeks believe a “hot incident” is probable with Turkey

Ruling conservative party New Democracy (ND) leads leftist major opposition SYRIZA by 12.3%, according to the results of MRB trends.

According to the poll findings, ND received 36.8% with followed by SYRIZA with 24.5% in the question of “voter intention”. After the two major parties, the following were: Movement of Change with 7.7%, KKE (Communist party) 5.5%, Greek Solution 4.3%, DiEM25 3.2%, Golden Dawn 2.7%, ANTARSIA 1.1%.

2.9% of the respondents chose other party, while the percentage of “Indecisive Votes” reached 11.3%.

On the question of who you projected to win, ND was ahead by over 40 points, with 61.2% responding they believed ND would prevail, compared to 19.1% who chose SYRIZA.

In relation to the current tensions between Greece and Turkey, 59.2% of those polled thought a “hot incident” was probable, while 7 in 10 believe that things will get worse on foreign policy issues.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis hold a great lead over Alexis Tsipras on who is the most suitable to be Prime Minister, as he received 40.9% of favourable responses, while 29.1% said that Tsipras was most suitable.