ND leads SYRIZA by 12.8% in the latest poll

The Greek-French defence Treaty was received positively by the Greeks

Ruling New Democracy (ND) leads main opposition party SYRIZA by 12.8 percentage points in the latest poll conducted by MARC.

The findings of the poll aired on Ant-1 TV’s nightly news bulletin revealed the Greek public opinion had a high acceptance of the Greek-French defense agreement, which SYRIZA voted against in Parliament.

According to the findings, 75.2% of respondents consider the agreement “positive” and “rather positive”, while only 19.6% evaluate it positively, with SYRIZA choosing to vote against it being approved by only 25, 9% (a large percentage belongs to the KKE voters).

The defence treaty seems to have played a key role in ND maintaining a large lead against SYRIZA.

ND gets 34.8% in the question of who do you intend to vote for, against 22% of SYRIZA.

KINAL records 6.3% in the Voting Intention, KKE gets 5.6%, the Hellenic Solution 4.4%, and MERA25 gets 2.7%.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis still leads Alexis Tsipras in the suitability for the prime minister with a big difference, since he has a percentage of 50.4% against 28.2%.