ND on 2 parcel bomb attacks: Attempts to link us to target party will fail

Opposition party sees serious security gaps

Greece’s major opposition party New Democracy (ND) released a statement regarding the two parcel bomb attacks against European and IMF officials in the past two days stressing Greece’s international image had been seriously damaged. The statement alleged the two incidents attempted to frame ND by linking the two parcel bomb senders to the conservative party. ND added the two cases had exposed a serious security problem. On Wednesday a parcel bomb had been sent to the offices of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, while Thursday a second one exploded at the offices of the IMF in Paris injuring one employee. A Greek terrorist group called “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” claimed responsibility for the Wednesday attack, while French police told Greek Minister for Citizens’ Protection Nikos Toskas on Thursday that the IMF attack had targeted Poul Thomsen, the director of the European department of the IMF. The parcel used on Wednesday’s attack had the name of a ND official Adonis Georgiadis as a sender, while Thursday’s parcel used the name of another ND member Vasilis Kikilias. ND’s statement said attempt to target the party would fail miserably.