New online Tax Office portal to provide Greek taxpayers with plenty more services is replacing the old portal, Greece’s tax platform that has been providing online services for taxpayers until now is being replaced by, a more user-friendly portal and offering a range of services to citizens. offers digital appointment scheduling and online completion of a variety of public administration-related procedures (250), without the need for in-person meetings at the local tax offices. The new platform includes all the services that were previously available in taxisnet, but also a series of new services, such as the electronic settlement of debts, etc.

Taxpayers will be able to digitally submit their claims and then monitor their progress until the process is completed.

Through the renewed digital environment of the portal, taxpayers can:

  • have access to all the digital applications of AADE (regulations, real estate, and vehicle taxation, myDATA e-books, etc.), quickly finding the service they are interested in
  • manage their account and contact details, to change details of their business
  • have a snapshot of their debts, payments, and repayments and pay or settle their debts
  • obtain VAT and key number
  • submit their requests digitally to the competent service of AADE (beta stage)
  • make digital appointments (coming soon) with an employee of the competent service of AADE (pilot operation).