New surreal Turkish theories: “The earthquake in Samos proved that the island belongs to the Turkish continental shelf”

Ankara is desperately trying to find arguments as it tries to justify its positions and the outcome is sometimes hilarious…

“The Smyrna earthquake has confirmed that islands such as Samos belong to the Turkish continental shelf”, retired Admiral Cichat Yayci and former deputy commander of the Turkish Navy, who is currently president of the University of the Navy.
After the deadly 6.7 magnitude  earthquake that “struck” Samos last Friday afternoon, Yayci made statements, according to which the “geophysical reality met again with the law of the sea”.
Avoiding calling the Greek islands “Aegean islands”, launching the term “Sea of Islands”, the former deputy commander of the Turkish Navy, provocatively claimed that: “This painful earthquake in the ‘Sea of Islands’ confirmed again that Greek islands such as Samos, located near the Turkish coast, belong to the Turkish continental shelf. The proof is that mainland Greece was not affected by the earthquake, on the contrary, Izmir, the 3rd largest city in Turkey, suffered serious damage”.
He reiterated the Turkish position that the Greek islands near the Turkish coast are “a natural extension of the continental shelf of the mainland”.
Yayci is considered the main inspirer of Ankara’s extreme claims in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, succeeding in his extreme theories being fully adopted by Ankara in the context of the neo-Ottoman dreams of a “Blue Homeland”.