Newcomers in Greece say “Cheese!”

Good company and the best cheese Greece has to offer

The Newcomers organization in Greece is hosting a cheesetasting event on Wednesday, November 19. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about Greek cheeses, their flavours, places of origin, how to eat them, etc. Some of the most popular cheeses and rusks, bread sticks and dakos will be offered. Bring a notepad to jot down notes about the cheeses.


The event is taking place at the AB MEGA Supermarket at Ekali.


Admission is at 10 euros but more than 20 people are needed for the event to take place. Applications are being accepted until Monday, November 11. Contact or call 210 8077073 to book.

Who are Newcomers?
Newcomers is an informal, non-profit, social group run by a committed team of volunteers offering support, advice and information to new arrivals in Athens via monthly meetings, activities, a newsletter and an e-community Bulletin Board. Formed to encourage people to meet each other, make new friends, and cope with the practical side of living in Greece as well as enrich their lives with culture. Newcomers welcomes all nationalities, with English as the common language. In addition, Newcomers is committed to helping a small number of worthy causes.

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