Norwegians told to pee in shower to save water and environment

It was also suggested for them to brush their teeth in the shower

We all know how important it is to avoid wasting water. But Norwegians are taking this to a whole new level.

They are being told to pee in the shower in order to save water for the good of the environment.

Frode Hult of the Water and Sewer Agency in Oslo appeared on Norwegian State Television NRK to raise awareness about the fact that Norway uses almost double the amount of water used in Denmark.

“Do not run the water when you brush your teeth, only wash with filled washing machines, only buy washing machines that don’t use so much water, use a pot when you ate watering plants in your garden. And pee in the shower in the morning,” said Hult.

The host of the show challenged this statement, remarking, “Pee in the shower? You do know that many people will choke when they hear you say that?”

“Yes, but it is a great idea,” responded Hult. “We can also brush our teeth in the shower. It is very good for the environment.”

Viewers of the show did not react warmly to the proposal, with one asking, “Why not also poop in the shower?”