Olof Palme: Prosecutors claim they found his killer but he has committed suicide in 2000 (photos)

No actual hard proofs have been provided, though…

Swedish prosecutors believe they have found the person who killed Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986, but the suspect is now dead.

In particular, they identified the perpetrator in the person of Stig Engstrom, a.k.a. “Skandia Man”, who, however, has committed suicide in 2000.

(Stig Engstrom, a.k.a. “Skandia Man”)

As a result, the investigation into the death of the Swedish prime minister is coming to an end, according to a statement issued during a press conference by Attorney General Christer Peterson, who analyzed in detail all the theories that have been proposed from time to time.

Engstrom, had been the No. 1 suspect for some time now. Inadequate evidence, however, as well as a lack of motivation, have led to no official charges against Palme being ever filed against him.

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(Olof Palme)

Even today, however, Peterson stated that “we have examined all available evidence, as well as Engstrom’s statements in which we found contradictions and lies. We can’t put the gun in his hand, since we can no longer match the bullets with a specific weapon”.

Palme died when he was shot in the back on February 28, 1986, at the age of 59, as he was walking home from the cinema with his wife Lisbeth on a main street in Stockholm. That day he had decided not to use his security personnel.