Three certificates available with just one click

Which certificates can be issued?

The digitization of the issue of municipal and registry documents, which is a major step in modernization, facilitates citizens’ transactions with public services and contributes significantly to the fight against bureaucracy, was presented to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday, during a teleconference by the ministers of the competent ministries.

Which certificates will be issued with one click?

The digitization will take place in three phases, every ten days, and will be completed by the end of June. The first stage includes the electronic issue of birth, citizenship and marital status certificates, fully covering the limited services currently provided by the “Hermes” system.

In the second phase, the issuance of birth, marriage and cohabitation agreements will be included in

In the third phase, the certificate of close relatives and the death certificate will be included in the e-portal.

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The steps you need to follow

You go to

You will need your TaxisNet passwords to confirm your identity.

To check the validity of a document you will need:

– either the document verification code
– or the QR code

You can send the certificates electronically or print them out and submit the hard copy.

All certificates have a unique authentication code that can be used to search for the document and verify its contents.

The online version will eliminate 6.6 million visits to public services each year.