Oruc Reis Navtex to be extended, Turkish newspaper reports

The Turkish survey vessel is scheduled to sail east to Crete

According to the pro-Erdogan newspaper Yeni Safak, the Navtex for research vessel Oruc Reis will be extended.

“Oruc Reis continues its investigations, heading east to Crete and Rhodes,” the newspaper article said. The piece adds: “The ship has been sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean for 10 days. It is expected that the Navtex period, which ends tomorrow, will be extended and research activities in this area will continue. Oruc Reis, which has scanned an area of ​​about 4 kilometres in all its activities in the area, plans to receive seismic data in an area of ​​15 kilometres at the end of the project.”

Greece and Turkey have been on a tense stand-off in the southeastern Mediterranean with their naval forces engaging in a form of power projection and are on red alert.

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