Over 380,000 Covid-19 self-test received in first 3 days

The Greek spokesperson said a rise in Covid-19 cases is expected due to the increase in testing

Greek government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said more than 380,000 self-tests were received in three days and 250,000 electronic statements made, during Monday’s press conference.

Peloni also made reference to the changes in the conditions for the voting of the expatriates, while she informed the reporters of the opening of senior high schools with the use of self-tests by students and teachers. At the same time, she spoke about the significant response of students and teachers to the measure of self-tests on the occasion of the reopening of high schools today.

According to the data, 380,000 tests were received and 250,000 statements were made, she said. “With the large increase in tests, we will have a large increase in cases,” the spokeswoman said, stressing, however, that this does not mean anything for the epidemiological situation in the country.

As we collect more tests this week we will make free tests available through pharmacies to approximately 900,000 private and public sector employees, such as retailers, caterers, transportation, financial services, and Justice.