“Overlords of the Skies”: Hellenic Air Force video intercepting Turkish F16 jets (video)

The Greek Air Force will celebrate its patron Saint, Archangel Michael

In celebration of its patron saint, Archangel Michael, the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) released a short video showing the Greek top guns intercepting the Turkish Airforce over the Aegean Sea.

According to official data, the Greek pilots intercepted Turkish jets over the Aegean Sea on 1,496 occasions.

The video, titled “Overlords of the Air” was aired on Open TV in light of the celebration of the Saint on November 8.

The Hellenic Air Force will hold a 4-day celebration starting from November 7 and ending on the 10th which includes various events:

-Static and photographic exhibitions of aircraft and media at all air units

-Airports events on airbases

-Aircraft flights over high schools and training visits by high school students in HAF units

On November 7th an event will be held at the Megaron Concert Hall with the participation of the Air Force band, where veterans of the 335th and 336th squadrons who participated in World War II will be honoured.

The official celebration will take place on Friday, November 8th, at the Dekelia Air Base in Tatoi.

On the 9th of November, the year 3 senior high school students will fly by helicopters of the Air Force and the events will end on Sunday, November 10 at the Dekelia airbase at Tatoi, with a memorial service and a wreath-laying in commemoration to the fallen aviators.