PAOK FC acquitted from charges of multi-ownership

Olympiakos FC denounced the decision

The Appeals Committee of the Greek Football Federation (EPO) acquitted PAOK FC for the case of multi-ownership with Xanthi FC. Judging the case, after the relevant decision by the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) last summer, the three regular judges appointed to the case acquitted PAOK.

The reasoning behind the verdict delivered by the three regular judges of the Appeals Committee of EPO exceeds 100 pages and in it, it is stated that the Committee formally accepts, but in its essence rejects the additional intervention of Olympiakos FC.

According to the legal advisor of PAOK FC, Takis Baltakos, the decision deems the team of Thessaloniki relieved of any disciplinary action, but as he explained, PAOK is waiting to read in detail the reasoning of the decision.

The club is waiting for the detailed reasoning to launch its next moves, as it is considered PAOK will pursue the case against all parties that participated in this case.

Meanwhile, Olympiakos FC, which had brought the case to courts, claiming PAOK was violating the law as its owner was also a major stakeholder in Xanthi FC, issued a statement calling the verdict the most egregious in the history of Greek sports.