Parent beats up teacher over Covid-19 mask on first day of school

The incident occurred in Crete

The new school year started in Greece today, with students in primary and high-schools obliged abide by the new health safety regulations in effect by wearing protective Covid-19 masks in the school yard and classrooms.

But a parent escorting his child to school in Chania, Crete physically attacked a teacher at the main gates of the high-school after he refused to follow the instructions and put on a mask for his kid.

The attack resulted in the teacher being taken to hospital for treatment.

According to, the incident took place at the 2nd High School of Eleftherios Venizelos, in the former suburban municipality of Chania.

The Association of Teachers of the High School announced that the incident took place at the entrance of the school. The student, accompanied by his father, went to school without wearing a mask.

Similar incidents with parents categorically refusing to wear a mask on their children were rare across the country and so in most schools the first day of return went smoothly.

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The wearing of masks, the observance of the distances and the frequent cleaning of the hands were on display in all schools today, with the students -especially of the youngest ages- showing great diligence and care with the observance of the measures.

In several schools, students had their temperatures taken, while in some schools, such as in Rafina, the mayor Mr. Bournous has fitted special plexiglass separators between the student desks so that if for some reason a student had to take off their mask for a while no potential droplets would spread to their classmates.