President Pavlopoulos addresses refugee children at event

You can stay in Greece until wars end, he told them

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos said that migrant and refugee children would be able to stay in Greece as long as it took during his greeting at an event Sunday night for refugee children at the Chaidari City Hall. “Children are those who feel the consequences of war more than adults”, he said during his speech. The event, entitled “The dialogue of cultures starts with the Children”, was organised to raise awareness on the issue of social integration of refugee children in the Greek educational system. He went on to highlight the children’s plight during times of war, stressing that it impacts them most of all. “It is not only that they are uprooted from their homes. It is the fact that war and its consequences block their future, destroy their hope, which we the people of the west, with our responsibility of these wars are obliged to restore”, Mr. Pavlopoulos pointed out. He said that the discourse between cultures not only deals with wars but most importantly prevents them from starting. Speaking to the refugee children at the event the President said Greece which was the cradle and the foundation of western and European civilisation, was based on the ideas of humanity, peace, democracy and justice. “We welcome you within these vales to Greece”, he concluded.