Prespes Agreement is dead, Greek Defence Minister Kammenos says in parliament

Kammenos said the behaviour of FYROM has proved the country is not ready to join the international community

The leader of the Greek government’s junior coalition partner, Panos Kammenos has quite possibly triggered the start of serious domestic political upheaval after directly demanding for the first time the withdrawal of the Prespes Agreement on Friday in parliament.

“Any talk about the survival of the so-called” Prespes Agreement” has expired,” the leader of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party and Minister of National Defence, said in a statement.

“The irredentism and provocative behaviour of Skopje proves that not only are they unready to participate in international organisations but also are trapped in the propaganda of Mussolini and Tito,” said Panos Kammenos.

His statements came on the heels of FYROM PM Zaev’s new position confirming his initial stance that the “Macedonian” language should be taught in Greek public schools.