Qatari & Turkish support for Muslim Brotherhood networks exposed in 100-page report

Doha has spent vast sums of money on European Brotherhood – King’s College

A leading British think tank has concluded that Qatar and Turkey are bankrolling and supporting an interlinked network of Muslim Brotherhood organisations across Europe.

A report from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London titled The Islamic Movement in Britain, said Doha’s funds flowed through Qatar Charity to bodies based in Britain and elsewhere. Some of the recipients looked to Qatar based figures like Yusuf Al Qaradawi for ideological leadership.

Alongside this there has been a steady expansion of the Turkish presence across the network.

“Through Qatar Charity, Doha has spent vast sums of money on European Brotherhood‐associated projects,” it said. “A review of these projects allows a glimpse not just of the extent to which Qatar is funding Islam in Britain and the rest of Europe, but also of how British, European and Qatari organisations are interlinked through their partnerships and the multiple roles of some of their key staff. Another important player on the world stage for the Islamic Movement, an ally of Qatar, is Turkey”.

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