Turkey gearing up for another round of tension with Oruc Reis ready for new mission

Yeni Safak writes that the Oruc Reis has already sailed

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak, which fully reflects Erdogan’s views, wrote that Turkey is ready to respond to the two Greek NAVTEX with two of its own.

The Turkish survey ship Oruc Reis anchored off the coast of Antalya last night, according to the Turkish media.

Yeni Safak’s headline is “The Oruc Reis ready for a new mission”, in response to the two Greek NAVTEX off Crete, while pointing out that the Turkish vessel has already left Antalya where it was for maintenance.

According to the report, “The survey vessel Oruc Reis, which was anchored in the port of Antalya for refueling and maintenance, sailed at night”.

However, apart from the Yeni Safak, other Turkish newspapers today highlight the issue today, claiming that “Athens is escalating the tension, while the process of starting exploratory talks is underway and such moves will not solve the problems, but they will increase the tension in the area”.