Severe weather bulletin issued by Meteo services for next two days

Phenomena will include heavy snow and high winds

The Greek national meteorological services (EMY) issued an extraordinary weather warning for the next two days. The weather across the country is expected to sharply deteriorate, with the main phenomena including strong easterly winds, a precipitous drop in temperatures and snow in the mountainous areas of the mainland.

In particular:
From the afternoon of Wednesday (28-11-2018) the forecast predicts:
a. Stormy northeastern winds between 7 to 8 intensity, later in the evening reaching 9 Beaufort locally in the Thracian and the northern Aegean regions.
b. Snowfall will be recorded in the mountains of Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace and at night in the mountains of Thessaly and Central Sterea, which will gradually intensify.
For Thursday (29-11-2018) the forecast predicts:
Stormy northerly winds will blow across the country, with winds in the Aegean expected to reach 9 and possibly locally the 10 Beaufort.
b. Snow, topically heavy, will fall locally in the mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, central and eastern Sterea, Evia, central and eastern Peloponnese. Early morning snowfall will also occur in the mountains of western Greece.