Shots fired in Greek-Turkish borderline: Double incident in Evros with dozens of bullets fired by the Turks

It is the second time in just three days that Turkish soldiers provoke the Greek border patrols in this dangerous way

An very serious incident took place at around 22:00 on the night of Thursday, April 30, in Evros, when Greek police officers and soldiers heard shootings coming from boats with Turks in the river.

It is not known at this time if the shoots were fired by members of the Turkish Armed Forces, members of the Turkish special forces or the gendarmerie.

Subsequently patrols by the Greek side in the area of ​​Tychero in Evros were placed on high alert.

About two hours later, around midnight, an almost identical incident took place again.

According to reliable information, the Turks fired fifty bullets at each of the two incidents.

Sources from the Greek side contacted by confirmed the double incident that occurred in Evros on Thursday night.

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Regarding the targeting of the Turks, our sources stated that they could not understand what exactly those shooting were attempting to do and they added that during the night they could not know towards what direction they were shooting or even if they were real ammunition and not blanks.

The situation is being closely monitored, the same sources said.

It should be reminded that a similar incident took place on the early Tuesday afternoon against Greek security personnel and German Frontex officers. The incident has been confirmed by the German Interior Ministry as well.