Sweden gives ISIS leader who returned from Syria a protected identity & welfare benefits?

Europe is committing suicide…

“She led the Islamic State Women’s Brigade in Syria – now Fatin, 33, receives protected identity and grants in Sweden,” translated from “Hon ledde Islamiska statens kvinnobrigad i Syrien – nu får Fatin, 33, skyddad identitet och bidrag i Sverige,” Fria Tider, December 23, 2020:

Domestic. The leader of the Islamic State’s women’s brigade in Syria, Fatin al-Mandlawi, 33, has moved back to Sweden and now lives in Angered in Gothenburg, Fria Tider can reveal today. The Swedish Tax Agency has given her the protected identity “Fatosh Ibrahim” which she uses to collect municipal social benefits and to run a black-market business where she offers to threaten people against payment.

– It’s a police matter. The municipality’s part is to offer support, says Zan Jankovski, coordinator against extremism in the city of Gothenburg, to Fria Tider.

Fatin was born in Iraq as the fifth child of the al-Mandlawi Arab family of seven. During the Gulf War in the early 90s, the whole family came to Sweden and ended up in Eskilstuna. When she was ten years old, the family moved on to Gothenburg.

In July 2000, the father of seven, Mostafa al-Mandlawi, was interviewed by Göteborgsposten about the difficulties for immigrants to find work in Sweden.

– Yes, I hope I get a job. I have lived in Sweden for ten years and looked for a job all the time. Six years in Eskilstuna and four years in Gothenburg. In Baghdad, I had my own factory, but here I have sent lots of application papers, without anything happening, he said in the interview.

In the autumn of 2012, in connection with the so-called “Arab Spring”, Fatin’s big brother Hassan al-Mandlawi traveled to Syria to join an armed group close to the terrorist-branded al-Nusra Front.

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