Tamir Rice shooting: Murdered by police

According to the coroner’s report

A new “Wave” of anger has been caused in the US, where 122 year old Tamir Rice was killed by police gunfire while playing in a playground with a fake gun, in Cleveland.

According to the coroner, the unfortunate youth was murdered by a bullet in the abdomen.

A report published on Friday indicates that the death was caused by a police officer’s bullet which hit the central artery, the intestine and the child’s pelvis.

According to the lawsuit brought to bear by Tamir’s family, the officer refused to provide first aid to the victim for at least four minutes, while he was bleeding out on the ground.

As the family’s counsel states, the child might have survived if one of the two police officers had provided him with first aid, as, according to the coroner, the child did not die outright.

Meanwhile, in an interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the mother of the 12 year old described the dramatic moments when she learned about her child’s death. “Two boys came to my house, knocked on the door and told me that police had shot my child in the stomach. I did not believe it until I saw him lying on the ground. Police was standing around him”, said the shocked mother.