The enchanting beach 100m from the Attica coast you can literally swim to (drone video)

It is close to the “Evil Sea” beach

Attica has many hidden natural treasures for locals and visitors just waiting to be discovered. Off the trodden path beaches with deep blue waters are some of the things you will encounter exploring the region.

One of these secrets is a magical island off the shores of Attica that you can go even access by swimming. Located near a famous beach called “Kakia Thalassa” (Evil Sea), it stands out due to its natural pools. It is the dream spot for the diving aficionados, which will become one of your favourite summer destinations.

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The specific island of Attica is located just 40 minutes from the centre of the Greek capital and 100 meters from the coast on the beach Kakia Thalassa, in Keratea, a town in East Attica. The bottom of this natural pool contains sand and a small opening allows water to be recycled.

The images from above are extremely impressive. As the drone footage shot by Up Drones channel of Youtube.

The “Evil Sea” beach derives its name from Greek mythology and is said to have been provided by the god Zeus himself to help the Greeks in the war against the barbaric invaders. Thus, Sea god Poseidon intervened by causing huge waves that literally engulfed the enemy fleet.

In fact, the beach of Kakia Thalassa, where the enchanting islet is located, is one of the most beautiful in Attica. The beach is also ideal for those who love climbing, as the coast is surrounded by many steep slopes waiting to be conquered. It is one the best climbing locations one can find so close to Athens!

Video courtesy of YouTube Channel