The future is here – Robot warns customers to comply with Covid-19 mask wearing and social distancing

The trial is underway in Japan

Robovie, a humanoid robot in Japan, warns customers about wearing their Covid-19 protective mask when it detects through a camera and 3D laser technology they are not complying with the safety regulations.

The robot was recently “hired” from a store in Japan to take on the task of ensuring that customers wear a protective mask and keep safe distances to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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The “employee” named Robovie, a creation of the Kyoto-based International Research Institute for Advanced Telecommunications (ATR), guides customers to the sales area of ​​the official Cerezo Osaka football team store.

Robovie warns customers when it detects through a camera and 3D laser technology that they are not wearing a protective mask for the new coronavirus or that they are not following the rules of social distancing.

The assigning of the task to Robovie was undertaken in the framework of a trial that began last week and will last at least until the end of the month. This will be extended depending on the situation, according to the ATR.