The one body part you shouldn’t wash in the shower, doctors say

“Hot water and temperatures will dilate blood vessels and capillaries”

For most of us, the shower is a one-stop-shop for getting everything clean from head to toe. After all, who wouldn’t want to get as much of their morning routine taken care of in the shower with a little multi-tasking? But just because you’re scrubbing up doesn’t mean every single hygiene task should happen in the shower. In fact, experts say there’s one body part that you shouldn’t actually wash in the shower: your face.

According to dermatologists, the shower may be great for getting your underarms clean and washing your hair, but it could be wreaking havoc on your face, which is one of the most sensitive skin areas of your body, especially if you’re someone who likes their daily rinse nice and hot. The truth is, a hot shower could be inadvertently creating some long-lasting damage to the skin on your face.

“Hot water and temperatures will dilate blood vessels and capillaries,” Rachel Nazarian, MD, from Schweiger Dermatology Group, told Marie Claire. “That can leave skin red and aggravate conditions like rosacea, which ultimately leads to broken and permanently dilated vessels”.

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