There will only be 5 million Greeks by 2100, shocking survey reveals

The survey was carried out by University of Washington

The population of Greece in 2100 will have dwindled to only 5.48 million, according to the bleak estimates of a research by the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation published in the Lancet Medical Review.

As the data shows, the sharp drop in birth rates will lead to population decline in all countries by the end of the century, with the worst case scenario for Greece predicting its population will drop to 4.73 million.

According to the scientists, the main reason is the transition of more and more women to education and the workforce, as well as greater access to contraception.

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The numbers reveal that 23 countries – including Spain and Japan – are expected to show a 50% reduction in their population by 2100.

According to the calculations, the world’s population will peak in 2064, reaching 9.7 billion, before falling to 8.8 billion by the end of the century.

Italy is also projected to experience a dramatic decline, as its population is expected to fall from 61 to 28 million over the same period.

China, currently the most populous country on the planet, is expected to see its population peak at 1.4 billion in four years to 732 million in 2100, with India taking the top spot.

The population of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to triple in size to more than three billion people by 2100.