These are the new Covid-19 measures to take effect from today

Hair and beauty salons open

Hair and Beauty care salons, as well as the outdoor archeological sites, reopened today under strict measures, in the context of the relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictive regulations announced on Friday after the green light of the infectious disease expert team.

Inter-municipal movements are allowed for hairdressers and beauty and limb care centers.

The open-air archeological sites can be visited by citizens up to three persons at a time with the exception of families. The movement to museums can be done by texting code 6 at 13033 without the use of a car.

Exercise is allowed outside the limits of each municipality beyond 2 km only on foot or by bicycle, as travel from municipality to municipality by car is still prohibited.

Specifically, the following apply from today:

Hair and beauty salons are open, as well as,
-Outdoor archeological sites up to 3 people with mask use and use of code 6 and without car or motorcycle.
-Public parks, with a visit of up to three people, unless it concerns families, again using code 6 and walking or cycling.

In churches, service can be performed with 1 believer per 25 sq.m. and a limit of 20 believers for the 25th of March and the second Devotional Hymns to the Theotokos (26th of March). Finally, recreational fishing for coastal municipalities using code 6 is now permitted.