“These f**kers were in Messerschmitts”: The speech of the legendary pilot Sir Douglas Bader to students that went down in history

She didn’t save it…

Sir Douglas Bader was a RAF ace who went down in history for both his victories in the World War II air battles and the fact that he achieved them besides the fact that he had lost both his legs in a plane crash in 1931.
He won at least 22 aerial victories, up until 1941, when he was forced to bail out his aircraft over Nazi-occupied France.

Despite his disability, he attempted several times to escape, forcing the Germans to transfer him to the Colditz Castle prison.

Sir Douglas Bader was finally released in April 1945, when the Castle was liberated by the US Army.

He retired from the RAF in 1946.

The legend of RAF, however, has gone down in history for another incident that is not widely known.

He was once invited to give a talk at a girls’ school about his experience as a pilot during World War II.

Bader: “So there were two of these f**kers behind me, three f**kers to my right, another f**ker to the left“.

At this point, the principal turned pale and intervened saying:

Principal: “Ladies, Fokker was a German aircraft“.

And Sir Douglas Bader answered:

That may be madam, but these f**kers were in Messerschmitts“!…