This is why we still love Eva Mendes at 45! (photos)

The hot Latina is a mother of two and married to Ryan Gosling

It was 2001 when the movie Training Day was released. What most people most remembered after watching it was the powerful, subsequently Oscar-winning, performance by Denzel Washington and the incredibly sexy Eva Mendes.
But let’s be honest. Eva Mendes never played a role that allowed her to showcase her full acting skills.
On the contrary, she had some unfortunate roles like the first Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, Women for which she was nominated for a Golden Raspberry, and We Own the Night, which, despite having a rich and interesting script, did go well at the box offices.
What she did not achieve in the film industry, the fiery Latina actress more than made up for in the world of modelling.
She was a permanent “resident” in the top 15 with the 100 most beautiful women on MAXIM each year, while she has also made the cover of Esquire and Vogue. She appeared in large fashion houses increasing her public exposure and being dubbed one of the sexiest women alive.
The hot Latina actress, who is married to Ryan Gosling and has two children, turned just 45 (!) if you can believe it. Here is a quick tribute as to why we adore her.