Three linemen electrocuted, one injured at Eretria, Greece

One of the three workers was found dead, burned on the pillar

A tragedy took place on Thursday at noon at Gymnos Evia in the municipality of Eretria, Greece, where at least four linemen were electrocuted while changing a electricity column.

Three employees are dead, while one is injured. Ambulances and a vehicle of the Fire Brigade rushing to the scene.

One of the three workers was found dead, burned on the pillar.

According to the information so far, the two dead are Greeks and their third colleague is Albanian who lived in a nearby village from where the tragedy happened.

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The accident took place in the village square, where the central pillar was being replaced with residents of the village becoming eyewitnesses of the horror.

Until now, a special basket truck is expected to remove the body from the column, in which the unfortunate worker was killed.