Three more Turkish officers in Greece, but unaccounted for!

It is feared they have been abducted by the Turkish MIT

According to the lawyer of the two Turkish officers that surrended to the Greek authorities, Stavroula Tomara, there were three more officers with them that left first from Orestiada to Thessaloniki by bus.

However, their tracks were lost and now there are fears for their lives, as Ms Tomara can not rule they are in a Turkish jail as we speak or they were killed by loyal followers of President Erdogan.

The last signal from their phones was located in Athens, but that is the available last information.

The three officers were members of the Turkish SAT (Navy Underwater Demolition Unit) and their names are Ahmet Camoglu, Yuzel Ozcan and Mustafa Ozel.

The other two officers, Halit Cetin and Fatih Arik, had surrended themselves to the Greek police and have applied for political asylum.