Tsitsipas reveals in emotional post his beloved grandmother died minutes before the start of the French Open final

Life is not about winning or losing her wrote

Roland Garros runner-up Stefanos Tsitsipas revealed in a heartfelt post on social media that his beloved grandmother had died 5 minutes before the start of his match with Novak Djokovic in Paris on Sunday.

“Thank you for raising my father. Without him this wouldn’t have been possible”, he concluded in his post on Instagram.

Life isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about enjoying every single moment in life whether that’s alone or with others. Living a meaningful life without misery and abjection. Lifting trophies and celebrating wins is something, but not everything. 5 minutes before entering the court my very beloved grandmother lost her battle with life. A wise woman whose faith in life, and willingness to give and provide can’t be compared to any other human being that I have ever met. It’s important to have more people like her in this world. Because people like her make you come alive. They make you dream. I would like to say that regardless of the day, circumstance or situation, this is entirely dedicated to her, and only her. Thank you for raising my father. Without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

The world no.4, who lost in an epic 5-set final against the incredible Novak Djokovic, informed his fans about the passing of his father’s mother before stepping onto centre-court in Paris saying life was not about winning or losing but enjoying every moment, adding that his success was dedicated to her.