Turkey seeking fighter jet engineers via classified ads in newspapers

Desperate times call for desperate measures

it seems the adage ‘desperate times call for desperate measures” is befitting for the Turkish defence industry, given that the Turkish military has placed a classified ad in newspapers in search of aircraft engineers.

According to SKAI journalist Manolis Kostidis, at least two Turkish newspapers on Sunday hosted full-page advertisements through which engineers were sought to assist in the construction of … fighter jets! “A Turkish engineer is wanted. Information on the phone…”, the entries stated.

The ad came just 24 hours after the official withdrawal of Turkey from the F-35 fighter program, as the US decided to exclude Ankara from countries that signed the new agreement.

Turkey has for some while trying to build their own fighter jet, a task, however, which is not easy as it requires know-how but also time to develop and build important parts such as the engine. The development with F-35 fighters, however, has an additional side-effect, as the planned Turkish aircraft carrier will be left without fighter jets to transport.

Meanwhile, a further problem facing the Turkish defence industry is that their tank has also run out of engines due to the German embargo on land systems, with the result that Ankara is looking for a Chinese, Ukrainian, or Korean engine…

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