Turkish CG pushing boat with illegal immigrants in Greek territorial waters get due answer (video)

A sufficient number of the Hellenic Coast Guard patrol vessels gradually made their appearance

A boat with illegal immigrants tried on Saturday morning to enter Greek territorial waters, northeast of Lesvos, accompanied by Turkish Coast Guard vessels.

The boat was spotted by vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard.

The Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center of the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters made repeated attempts to contact the Turkish authorities and the Turkish Coast Guard, with no result.

In the area, in the borderline of ​​the Greek territorial waters, a sufficient number of patrol vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard gradually made their appearance.

In the video one can see the actions of the Greek OPV operating in the area and determination in the maneuvers they made against the Turkish vessels.

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The boat with the illegal immigrants, which did not enter the Greek territorial waters at all despite the efforts of the Turkish Coast Guard to push it towards Greece, was finally collected by the Turks.