Turkish media report Hagia Sophia will be converted to Mosque as early as July 10

The press believes the decisions has already been reached by the Supreme Court

The Turkish media is anticipating the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, with some reporting that the Supreme Court’s decision will be unanimous and will be as early as Friday, July 10.

According to President of the Union of Journalists and International Social Media (USMED), Mehmet Ardic, the Supreme Court is focusing on the annulment of the 1934 decree, which turned Hagia Sophia into a museum and will issue a decision in favour of turning it into a mosque.

“The Council of State unanimously annulled the decision of Hagia Sophia dated 27.11.1934. It must become a mosque. The full stop has been written. The countdown has begun,” he wrote on twitter.

Similar information, although in a more cautious tone, was relayed by a journalist of the pro-government newspaper “Sabah”, citing sources in the presidential palace. According to him, the court is focused on the annulment of the 1934 decree signed by Ataturk and the decision to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque. As he points out, the decision will be unanimous. At the present stage, it is being drafted, however, as it is estimated, it will be clear putting an end to the discussions.

A Haber TV channel considers that the most probable date for the announcement of the decision is Friday, July 10.

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If the information is confirmed, it means that the court did not take into account the opinion of the rapporteur of the case, who had judged that the only person responsible for deciding on the matter was Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while he had said that the 1934 decree was lawful and Ataturk’s signature was authentic.

Meanwhile, the Turkish press has targeted the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, as a Yeni Safak columnist has implied that Bartholomew, along with the CIA, aided Fethullah Gulen in the failed 2016 coup.