Two dogfights over Aegean between Greek and Turkish fighter jets

Turkish jets violated Greek airspace twice

A pair of Greek F-16 fighter jets engaged in a double dogfight over the Aegean Sea, when two Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space between the islands of Lesvos, Samos and Chios, Monday. The Turkish pilots were forced to retreat, after entering Greek air space in the morning hours of Monday, when they were intercepted by the Greek fighters that took off from the Skyros airport. After the initial dogfight, the Turkish jest returned and violated the Athens FIR between the islands of Chios and Samos, resulting in a new dogfight when the Greek F-16 pair engaged anew. Following the second aerial engagement, the two Military helicopters transporting the Greek Minister of Defence, Panos Kammenos, along with members of the Greek parliament from the parties of SYRIZA, ANEL, Golden Dawn and the Union Centrists, who are scheduled to take place in the cross-party defence council on the island of Kastelorizo in the eastern Mediterranean, took off from Rhodes airport and landed on Kastelorizo.