Vegan YouTuber reveals he “ejaculated” after eating salmon!

“Being vegan made me depressed, fatigued and caused digestion issues”


A vegan YouTube star has revealed he ‘ejaculated for the first time in months’ after eating salmon following six years on a plant-based diet.

Tim Shieff, a vegan campaigner and world champion free-runner, released an emotional YouTube video last November in which he admitted abandoning veganism because he was ‘desperate’ to boost his health.

The 30-year-old, who boasts 175,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 85,000 Instagram followers, said eating raw eggs and salmon rejuvenated his depleted body.

He went on to reveal the fish helped him orgasm – something he was struggling to do on his plant-based diet.

In a new video earlier this month called ‘Am I still vegan?’ Shieff detailed the health issues he faced while being vegan.

He revealed he was suffering with ‘digestion issues, depression, fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy,’ and ‘waking up stiff’ in his joints.

‘I couldn’t do push-ups without getting injured,’ he said.

He has since been forced out of the ‘ethical’ clothing company he founded after he confessed to ditching his vegan diet.

Mr Shieff told how he visited a local farm after completing a ’35-day water fast’, in which he consumed only distilled water.

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